Adriana Lima

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Adriana Lima

  • Born on 12. In June 1981 , Salvador, Bahia / Brazil
  • First Name Adriana Francesca
  • Name Lima
  • Thirty eight
  • Size 1.78 m
  • Zodiac Gemini
  • Partner Metin Hara (current) ; Marko Jaric (divorced) ; Lenny Kravitz (2002-2003) ; Joe Thomas (2016)
  • Children Valentina (*2009) ; Sienna (*2012)

Not everyone knows that

The modeling job is not to hang Adriana Lima is probably still a long time on the nail: "I now feel more beautiful than 15 years ago", she said at the age of 33 years the "New York Post". Further, she said: "My Mission is to be as long as my body allows it ."

Your Catholic upbringing influenced, apparently, their sex life: at the age of 27, the Model-beauty lost her innocence – and her (now Ex-)husband Marko Jaric. Hard to believe .

Like so many other celebrity women, Adriana was pregnant, scan. Your baby belly is not showed (the first woman in other circumstances) in the Pirelli calendar 2013, however, the altogether. Although your wonderful bullet flashed forth from under her Top, much more skin gave the Brazilian but .

All three Times Adriana Lima was the so-called "Fantasy Bra" wear invented each year, and millions of US-costs Dollar .

In 2008, Adriana was all alone in a "Super Bowl"-For advertising spot "Victoria’s Secret" to see and has been admired by almost 104 million viewers. In 2012 you became the first celebrity, during the halftime Show in two commercials occur-once "Teleflora", then for "Kia Motors".

As an actress, Model tried: in 2001, you joined "The Follow" in front of the camera, part of the BMW short film series "The Hire", also, Clive Owen and Mickey Rourke have worked. Later, a guest, followed in each case occurs in the Sitcoms "How I Met Your Mother" and "The Crazy Ones".

In addition to a Brazilian passport, she also has the Serbian citizenship, which was awarded in 2009 by the Serbian Minister of interior Ivica Dacic .

Despite an enviable figure even Adriana Lima has its weaknesses for culinary sins: "I love cake. Chocolate and coconut cake. I love this combination!"

In terms of Fitness, she has a great passion: Boxing. The martial arts urge you not only physically, but also mentally, so Adriana.

Biography of Adriana Lima

As "Victoria’s Secret"-Angel twisted Adriana Lima for years the world of men the head, the native Brazilian is much more than just a beautiful face. As a mother of two children, Adriana is a true talent for organization and a small cannon. Her enviable body is due to a sweaty Workout and this helped driving her by the end of 2012, only two months after the birth of her youngest daughter, back on the catwalk .

From Brazil to New York

Actually, Adriana wasn’t trying to make it as a Model career. Quite the contrary: It was a friend that had this desire. The most wanted, however, not alone Model competition "Brazil’s Ford Supermodel" participate and asked the then 15-year-old Adriana to join her. Adriana Lima was persuaded and came in the end even the second place. No wonder, then, that they moved three years later to New York City, there a Contract with "Elite Model Management" signed and henceforth always successful it was. The Salvador-born grace, graced Title leaves of the "Vogue" and "Marie Claire" and was allowed to Designers such as Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Valentino over the Catwalk stroll. Not bad for a newcomer, which did not originally belong even to the Fashion world .

The Supermodel will build up your body with Boxing workouts

Climb to angels

In 1999, it happened for Adriana Lima, many young Models dream: The underwear company "Victoria’s Secret" discovered you and made you the angel. In the meantime, one of the Seniors of the hot Victoria’s Secret Models, but it can keep up yet still loose with their younger colleagues . What Is Your Secret? A healthy diet is an especially hard Workout, and the support of their many Fans. This keeps you on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram up to date, and there are even behind-the-Scenes. Often the beauty of photos, is posted on which you will be completely unvarnished to. And this prove that a Supermodel like Adriana doesn’t need Makeup to be beautiful .

In The Supermodel-Olympus

Professionally, Adriana Lima has already achieved pretty much everything: More than once she was at the annual Victoria’s Secret Shows with the coveted "Fantasy Bra" wear, also, the brunette is the Face of the Cosmetic companies "Maybelline" and "Vogue Eyewear" as well as Brand Ambassador for "Desigual". 2015 has even been announced that Adriana Lima will get her own wax figure at the famous Madame Tussauds New York – in November of the same year, this was revealed in the presence of the Supermodels in the media. Lima is the first Victoria Secrets Model and, in addition to soccer player Pele, and the second Brazilian celebrity that can be admired in the popular wax figure Cabinet. In the same year, the economy speculated magazine "Forbes", the Brazilian every year, around 9 million dollars on your account can be recorded, and she continued therefore to place two of the best-paid Models in the world.

Adriana Lima private – super mom, despite the divorce

Private on the other hand, in the case of the exotic beauty turbulent. After In 2001, with Rockstar Lenny Kravitz fiancee, the engagement dissolved, however, only a year later, she married, in 2009, the Serbian NBA player Marko Jaric. The Couple met in 2007 through a common friend and only nine months later, engaged to be married. In the year of the dream Valentine’s day stick-wedding Daughter Valentina to the world, Sister Sienna followed 2012. However, although Adriana Lima is a strict Catholic and even publicly on several occasions against Sex before marriage has spoken out, kept the Covenant with Marko Jaric is not eternal. In 2014, she announced, after only five years of marriage, their separation, in 2016, finally, the divorce was filed. In the meantime, the sought-after Adriana had a short Relationship to Boxing trainer Joe Thomas led, and even a Affair with the thirteen-year-younger Justin Bieber it was said of them. Nevertheless, she tries to educate her two daughters as well as possible, together with your Ex-husband. Is it the Supermodel is especially important to teach the girls values, which go beyond the superficiality of their industry: they have to learn that "Beauty comes from within and believe in yourself, self-aware and honest, self-respecting and other – the beauty is, I think."

A lot of hard work

And yet you want to teach your daughters that hard work pays off, and that from nothing, nothing comes. Adriana Lima works incredibly hard to stay as the mother in the modeling business successfully . To stroll just two months after the birth of her youngest daughter, lightly dressed, on the Catwalk is no walk . Physical flaws – or perceived flaws can’t be simply ironed on with Photoshop out. "After I became a mother was the Job, of course, not easier. I train like an athlete. But the difference between me and an athlete is that the athlete after the Workout to go home and rest. To me, however, the work with the children waiting at home. For me, there is no time to Rest. But I regret nothing. In my life, great things happen and I can be a good role model for my daughters ."

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