Alek Wek

Alek Weks full of contrasts is life: From a large family in South Sudan, it took you into the glittering world of fashion. There you has long been regarded as a Foreigner

Alek Wek

  • Born 16. April 1977 In Wau, South Sudan / Africa
  • First Name Alek
  • Name Wek
  • Forty three
  • Size 1.8 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aries
  • Partner Riccardo Sala

Not everyone knows that

Since Childhood, Wek suffered lichens under the shed, with her move to London in a more humid climate, this disappeared but.

Alek is also for her appearances in music videos is known: in 1995, she was in Tina Turner’s "Golden Eye" to see in, 1996 "Got Til it’s Gone" of Janet Jackson.

Aleks moving life story to Read it in detail in her book "The nomadic child – my escape from the Sudan and on my way to the top model".

According to your deceased father named bag collection "Wek 1933" in the design buying a house, Selfridges, and was inspired by the briefcases of your father .

Biography of Alek Wek

Today, Alek Wek is one of the most important Models in the world, but the life of the African woman was not only jet-setting, designer clothes, and exciting fashion shows.

Not an easy Childhood

Because Alek does not come, like many of her model colleagues, from Europe or the USA, but grew up in southern Sudan, the seventh of nine children. The family lived in rooms in a house with only two bedrooms without running water or electricity. A very nice contrast to Weks today’s life! With 14 years, the girl went to London and studied at the "London’s College of Fashion". Due to their size and the slim figure, it wasn’t long until Alek was discovered by a model scout. In 1995, she spoke to an Agent at a flea market and brought Aleks career.

A great career

And the more than rapidly: Not only Alek appeared right at the beginning as the first African Model on the Cover of ELLE, she ran also for Design variables such as Marc Jacobs or Alexander McQueen. She was with her Look quite a unique feature: In the 90s, one rarely saw dark skinned Models on the catwalks – Wek was. therefore, due to their great success to be a role model for women around the world Many celebrities are impressed with the beauty: among her Fans, power women, Oprah Winfrey or Lupita Nyong’o. And also other supporters she has found her life partner, Riccardo Sala, an Italian contractor. The Couple lives together in New York.

Strong social commitment

With great fame also comes great responsibility, of course, and uses Wek for good purposes: it is a part of the U.S. Committee for refugees and traveled in her home country, where on-the-spot help. Because Alek had experienced once how it is to lose its home: As of 1985, in South Sudan, the civil war broke out she and her family had been forced to flee vast distances on foot. That was for Weks father so hard that he died of the consequences of an infection at the hip .

No wonder, then, that Alek felt such a deep connection to their home country, and refugees. The Model is today one of the best examples of how to hold, even after the active career, positive in the headlines .

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