Andrea Petković

Andrea Petrovic is a true fighter: again and again, she plays on the tennis court to the top – in spite of severe setbacks

Andrea Petković

  • Born 9. September 1987 , Tuzla / Yugoslavia
  • First Name Andrea
  • Name Petković
  • Years 32
  • Size 1.8 m
  • Zodiac Virgo

Not everyone knows that

Despite the early tennis consequence, the school not came Andrea Petrovic: The eleventh class skipped even and is a graduate of even with 1.2.

After that political science was in addition to the career, distance learning, studied.

From the life of tennis professionals: Occasionally Petrovic reported for the FAZ from your exciting of everyday life.

As Petrovic 6 months old fled her parents was from Yugoslavia to Germany. The German citizenship since 2001.

Petkovic is under tennis colleagues as the "Intellectual". She is interested in art and culture, reads a lot – preferably, Dostoevsky, and writes in addition to her Online column for the FAZ also for various US magazines.

Biography of Andrea Petković

Andrea Petrovics game of tennis was of the press as a "Heave-Ho tennis" described. Impulsive, energetic, always to the front – Yes, the fits to the Athlete.

A Young Star

With 6, she began playing tennis – not surprising, because Andrew’s father, Zoran Petkovic, was once a tennis Pro and worked as a Trainer in Darmstadt, Germany. His daughter could benefit from it, and was quickly coached to the top of the tennis game indoor . At 16, she won her first big tournament, and took a year later, directly to her first Grand Slam tournament, the French Open, part of. In the case of Andrea Petkovic, it was right at the beginning: game, set, match!

Lena Gercke, Charlotte Worthy + Co.

Celebrities in the fight against the festive kilos

A career as a roller-coaster ride

But, unfortunately, Andrea Petkovic’s another way not only of Victories but also of numerous injuries. Whether cruciate ligament, a stress fracture in the back or the ligaments tear, the tennis player took the racket in the Hand, but big tournaments like the 2012 Olympic games in London, she had to cancel. For the ambitious Petkovic a serious blow.

In 2015, they considered not to hang the Sport final on the nail. Motivation difficulties as well as problems in the private environment you create. But it started again, switched back to the Trainer and returned to the square .

Andrea Petkovic proves also a private strength

And not just in sports, but also in private life. The death of a longtime friend in March 2016, prompted them to since then, still more, together with him founded Action “You have to fight” to engage. The Initiative collects donations for children with cancer.

Only in matters of love, the tennis player seems to be still no Match to the Ball to be successful. Although she was 2014 an affair with a football cannon Bastian Schweinsteiger said, commented Petkovic, but as a "completely ridiculous". Instead of throwing himself into the party life and go to catch Men, you enjoy your leisure time with a book at home in Darmstadt, Germany, where she lives with her sister Anja in a residential community. Maybe the tennis Pro captured but also prefer trophies as the heart.

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