Anna Ermakova is forever in the shadow of Boris Becker?

Anna Ermakova: forever in the shadow of Boris Becker?

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  • 22.03.2020

Anna Ermakova, Boris Becker’s illegitimate daughter, celebrates 20. Birthday. In Public, she makes herself scarce on Social Media .

Anna Ermakova shares her life, apparently like Instagram

Anna Ermakova shares her life, apparently like Instagram

Anna Ermakova is as "Daughter" known and can’t get rid of the stamp. As the illegitimate child of tennis legend Boris Becker (52) and the Russian Model Angela Ermakova your life, from birth, marked by headlines. Early on she began to worry for their own. Meanwhile, it is the red-haired curls, the today, on Sunday, his 20. Celebrates birthday, but again, a little quieter. In the case of Instagram, the Becker-Scion provides, however, is still a regular sensation.

Anna Ermakova seems to have found himself. Her whole life has been spent in the shadow of her father. Until eventually 2015 in the teenage age of 14 years in the spotlight – as a Model. In the framework of the Berlin Fashion Week, the Becker-young strutted on the catwalk. Just a Hobby or is it potential for the future behind it? It is probably a bit of both. 2016 Ermakova said "": "I would like to push my modeling career forward, but at the same time interested in Learning me. I want to try to find a Balance between the two ."

He staggers in skimpy swim shorts on the beach

You can be the world to your life

Really value the 20-Year-old is not entered in the fashion industry since then in appearance. Here and there, a couple of photo shoots and Event appearances on her mother’s side – that’s it. Instead, she seems to have with Instagram is a good platform found, to present itself to the world as and who she really is – not just the daughter of.

Regularly Ermakova presented her over 25,000 followers on the Social Media platform snapshots of yourself and your present life. What falls into the eye: The celebrity daughter seems to have a particular penchant for figure-hugging clothes. Short dresses and skirts, skin tight pants and thigh high boots as far as the eye can see. What father Boris have to say? Comments behind the 52-Year-old, is not in any single one of the photos will not. He pushes instead, diligently the "I like"-Button.

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