Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale was "High School Musical" a worldwide Star – but the actress was more than a short-lived Disney-asterisk.

Ashley Tisdale

  • Born 2. July 1985 , Monmouth County, New Jersey / USA
  • First Name Ashley Michelle
  • Name Tisdale
  • Years 34
  • Size 1.6 m
  • The Zodiac Sign Of Cancer
  • Partner Christopher French (married in 2014) ; Martin Johnson (separated) ; Scott spear (separated) ; Jared Murillo (separated)

Not everyone knows that

At the age of 12 Ashley was a very special honor: she was allowed to sing for Bill Clinton in the White house .

The role of the "Maddie Fitzpatrick" to be able to play, had to turn Ashley its actually brown hair blonde – but they were stretched so that they were even. Today, she has to wear Extensions .

Definitely not a child star anymore: in 2008, Ashley Tisdale was ranked on the tenth place on the legendary "Hot 100" List of magazine Maxim.

In their success, Ashley is of course a popular advertising face. So you campaigned for Toys "R" Us, Staples and T-Mobile.

And still a big honor: No less than Celine Dion, Ashley Tisdale thanked once for being a good role model for your son to have been.

Enviable: Most prominent people are in the same places and visit the same fitness Studio. Ashley Tisdale can watch, for example, in the case of your regular trip to the Gym Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling when sweating .

Biography of Ashley Tisdale

There is this "What actually makes … today?"-Group in the celebrity world. To which it belongs, without doubt, Ashley Tisdale. As a Disney star, she came up with "Suite Life Of Zack + Cody" and "High School Musical" very early on to international fame. However, even then, was to see that your Talent exceeds the roles of bitchy, blond-haired girls. What is Ashley Tisdale makes today?

Ashley starts early and starts immediately

But first, one after the other: If someone had a really early start to their career, then the Ashley Tisdale. Already at the age of three, she was discovered by her current Manager, Bill Perlman, at a Mall – and captured as a small child to the world of advertising. In over 100 TV commercials Ashley was, she moved at the age of eight years finally to the stage. And what With the Broadway production "Les Misérables" she toured around and also in your home city Monmouth County, you could be in a role "The Sound of Music" first experience.

Funny "High School Musical"-Revival in the Karaoke Bar

No wonder that it is the family, consisting of mom Lisa, dad Michael and older sister, Jessica, moved in with so many early Successes in the Hollywood-capital of Los Angeles. Ashley was able to get appearances in some TV series, up your as "Maddie Fitzpatrick" In 2005, in the Disney Channel series "Suite Life Of Zack + Cody" the breakthrough came. But the fame should increase .

"High School Musical" your career

Because only a year later, Ashley was Tisdale in the first "High School Musical" Film as the top bitch "Sharpay Evans" occupied and was known to suddenly children and young people around the world. This success should two with the following "High School Musical" Movies continue. In contrast to their colleagues but decided against a collaboration with the Disney record label "Hollywood Records" and for "Warner Bros. Records".

A good decision – for you first Album "Headstrong" started really. This ground-breaking success but should not last long. Although she had a few roles in films and TV shows at the Start, you are forced but just more and more to retreat from the flash light thunderstorm .

From the Depression to the Mutmacherin

It turns out, in the meantime, The talented artist, who early became the world star that needed time for themselves. While they strengthened the private more and more, if you are married, for example, in 2014, her boyfriend Christopher French, gave Ashley her numerous Fans via Social Media about their life-to-date.

In may 2019, you brought the Album "Symptom" on the market, almost ten years after their last Studio album. "Symptom" it is like a liberation for Ashley, who had spent years struggling with Fears and depression. Exactly this time they are processed on the plate and wants to be at the same time a support for suffering comrades . "To help other people and to give them the feeling to be less alone, is something that I wanted to do I’d love to, because I want to help girls and young women to feel comfortable and to know that it is okay to ask questions ". An important message for many young women and girls – important woman.

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