At the end of the travel warnings & corona restrictions? The changes for us in June 2020

Contact restrictions, travel abroad and call and write cases

The changes in June 2020

01. June, 2020 – 10:11 PM

The June is more in the character of Corona

Loose the contact constraints, a possible end to the global travel warning, billions in aid for the middle class and a large economic stimulus package: In June there are a number of Changes for consumers – and almost all turn to Corona. An Overview.

Contact restrictions should remain with relaxations

It is a mess between the Federal government and the länder: The Federal government wanted to originally up to 5. June current contact restrictions continue, some country governments do not. It was agreed now on a compromise: The contact limitations will apply until 26. In June, however, with loosening. So you should from the 6. June with a total of ten persons or the members of two house stands at the same time must meet. A maximum number of the number of people in the private room will give. Distance and hygiene rules should be adhered to. What are the relaxations are there specifically to decide each state for itself.

Travel abroad possible?

Can we travel in the summer holiday or not? The one who asks this question, you can now breathe a sigh of relief a little. The Federal government wants the travel warning for 31 European States as early as the 15. June, cancel, provided the development of the Coronavirus pandemic to the. Since mid-March, the existing global travel warning would then be replaced by the weaker trip notes, it said on Tuesday in government circles. In addition to the 26 partner countries of Germany in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein belong to .

According to information from the German press-Agency of the Cabinet at 3. June, with a key issues paper to deal with, to serve as the basis for Discussion for an agreement with the countries on the rules for protection against infection. Consumer advocates criticize, however, that the planned lifting of the travel warning does not provide sufficient security and clarity for holidaymakers offer.

Billions in aid for the middle class

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) is planning billions in additional aid for the middle class, to a broke shaft in the Corona-preventing crisis. Starting June, the company should get a Bridge support, such as from a key issues paper, which is present the German press Agency. The program should have a minimum of 25 billion Euro .

For the benefit of both companies with up to 249 employees. This ought to get from June to the December monthly up to 50,000 Euro. The goal is to provide small and medium-sized companies from industries that are affected by Corona-related conditions or closures, a further liquidity assistance and to secure their existence .

Stimulus package is put together

At the beginning of June, the Federal government wants to put together a multi-billion dollar economic stimulus package to bring the economy back on track. How much money the package includes, not fixed yet. Also, exact Details of the recovery plan are as yet unclear. A preliminary decision could fall on the Whitsun week-end. Are planned so far:

Family bonus:

Union and SPD want to do more for families that are affected in the crisis due to the closed day care centres and schools are particularly strong. It is planned a Bonus of 300 Euro per child. This is likely to cost the Federal government roughly five-to-six billion euros. North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister, Armin Laschet calls an Insider, according to even 600 Euro per child.

Buying a car premium:

The demand for cars has fallen in the Corona-crisis. This relaunch will be thinking about buying premium for E-cars as well as for modern gasoline and Diesel. The purchase premiums are highly controversial. Coalition sources say that it will be here probably the most intense debates within the economic recovery programme .

Help for companies:

Also help for Hotels, Restaurants, artists, and travel agents in early June to be advised. While the Federal government would like to expand their aid programmes, the economic expansion of the so-called Loss-carry back, the company’s losses this year, more than previously, with profits from previous years to offset against. That would quickly bring money into the coffers .

Discharge at current prices:

Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier, has indicated, moreover, a discharge at the current prices . "When, if not now, the time has come to say to the people, energy and electricity costs will remain affordable in future ", the CDU-politician said in the Bundestag. At the same time, he spoke in favour of the social contributions, to keep wage costs below 40 percent .

No call and ill message more

Because of the Corona-crisis-Doctors were allowed to write to their patients for mild diseases of the respiratory system is also sick. This scheme ends on 31 December. May. Who from the 1. June caught a cold, it must then go back to the doctor .

The new warning level in the heat

Starting in June there is a new warning level in the case of heat warnings, such as the German weather service (DWD) reported. While it is so far, the only official warning before "Heat" gave, can from June in front of "extreme heat" be warned .

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