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Beauty Dictionary: Toothpaste

14. December 2016 – 14:04 PM

Toothpaste keeps teeth and gums healthy

Toothpaste, tooth paste or dental cream is used for the cleaning of teeth and gums. The term ‘pasta’ comes from the Latin. He stands for semi-solid product mass is intended for external use. In addition, there are also gel-like toothpastes. The ingredients of toothpaste are mainly a foaming agent, cleaning bodies, humectants, preservatives, Aroma – and taste substances, as well as color and other additives. Also agents for dental prophylaxis are included in toothpaste. Fluorides protect against caries, anti-bacterial agents against periodontitis. The precursor of the toothpaste, the tooth powder and the tooth salt were. The latter is still used today. Toothpaste from different manufacturers. Toothpastes from the health food store or health food store contain no or few chemical substances.

Toothpaste for children

Children are swallowed in the beginning is often the toothpaste, if you learn how to brush your teeth. Also, you don’t like the sharp taste of most toothpastes most of the time. You buy for your children, therefore, best to use a special toothpaste for kids that contains no substances of concern. As soon as the first milk tooth is there, you should teach your children to brush your teeth. When the first permanent teeth are there for children to change slowly to a normal toothpaste .

The KAI method: As you brush properly

The teeth should be at least twice cleaned daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste, preferably in the morning and in the evening. Brushing your teeth should take at least two minutes, in the ideal case, about five minutes. Dentists recommend the KAI method. To do so, first clean the chewing surfaces (K). After that you brush the outer sides (A) and, finally, the interior pages (I) of the teeth. When you Brush, make circular movements. It is important to, every now and again to spew out. Brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush is more effective than a conventional toothbrush, as the brush head rotates much more frequently than is possible by Hand. The brush or the brush head should be changed every three months, to the deposition of too many harmful bacteria to prevent. After Opening the Tube the toothpaste is in the rule for at least twelve months.

Other methods of dental care

In addition to brushing your teeth, adults should regularly use dental floss and inter-dental brushes. This item cleans spaces between the teeth thoroughly. To remove Plaque effectively and gum disease and tooth decay to prevent this. The use of mouthwash is also advisable. It protects against bacteria and ensures fresh breath.

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