Bruce Darnell

Bruce Darnell was closed as a judge and catwalk coach of the viewers quickly into the heart. But the Americans had, it is not always so easy.

Bruce Darnell (born 1957), known as the catwalk coach of "GNTM" and a judge in "The Super Talent"

Bruce Darnell

  • Born 19. July 1957 , Colorado / United States Of America
  • First Name Bruce
  • Name Darnell
  • Years 62
  • Size 1.89 m
  • The Zodiac Sign Of Cancer

Not everyone knows that

Bruce is by his success, a booked advertising face in the case of large companies. So he was already for C&To see A or Fonic .

According to Bruce, the scent is so? Probably after his own perfume! He brought to the market in 2009, the men’s scent is called, logically enough, Bruce, the women’s variant of Darnell.

And also the authors of the catwalk coach is already gone. In 2008, he published his bestseller "Drama, Baby, Drama! How you are, what you are" in the Styling – and self-making tips out there.

Because Bruce is such a super-Juror, and produced the ARD at the beginning of 2008 with the same name casting show with the TV professional. Due to poor odds this was discontinued after a season, but again .

Biography of Bruce Darnell

Bruce "the hand bag must be alive " Darnell is an indispensable part of the German casting shows. Why? Again and again he thrilled the audience with his funny sayings, his large heart and a crocodile tear.

A difficult Start for Bruce Darnell

You could shed with this as well, if you look at Bruce Darnell’s Childhood. When he was in America growing up, he was the only non-biological son of his father and was is of this physical abuse. No wonder, then, that Darnell wanted to escape from this environment as quickly as possible . After High School, Bruce, in 1974, went to the U.S. Army and served for six years as a paratrooper on-the-go. Slowly the sheet for Darnell for the Better seemed to be taking a turn: In the military, he got a scholarship, was able to study sociology and emigrated a little later to Germany, because his stepfather was stationed during his own time in the military in Augsburg . Bruce said, in contrast to this, however, bye bye military, Hello night life.

Dieter Bohlen + Sarah Lombardi

You have a very special connection

He settled in Munich and worked for several years as a waiter in various discos, up came what had to come: The tall American was approached by a model scout and conquered the catwalks. He was allowed to stroll for fashion houses such as Kenzo and Hermès in the major fashion capitals on the Catwalk . And also in the long term, Bruce had planned: Because Modeling is not a profession to grow older, he focused from the beginning of the 2000s prefer to be on the Coach by the catwalk beauties.

In front of the camera, Bruce is now doing Drama, Baby, Drama

It was also what made him finally to "Germany’s next Topmodel" and on the screen of millions of television viewers brought. At the side of Heidi Klum enthusiastic about it, mainly due to its sometimes a bit ditzy, but very heartfelt way – and let’s be honest, somehow we have closed the Bruce, but all in the heart. Especially because he is quite clever: After Heidi had no more desire on the catwalk-Coach, extend the same to the next Grand jury post. From 2008 to 2010, he ruled in the casting of the show "The Super Talent" next to Dieter Bohlen on the success of the candidate. And Dieter seemed to have a liking to Bruce found a Short time later he was allowed as a Juror even on a trip Show-Gigant "American idol" to but returned quickly again "The Super Talent" back. At least in the TV he has found his long-time love .

Bruce Darnell has no luck in love

Private it looks because, unfortunately, a bit different: Bruce Darnell is not committed, although open to his homosexuality, a suitable Partner but is not yet in sight.. For a number of years, the Showman is now Single, he has not even outrageously high claims to the man at his side. Bruce Darnell is looking for a loving Partner, who does his emotional outbursts understanding, of course, and please no Macho is. Didn’t work out for it with the big love yet, for now, only the work and Bruce are so well-Darnell married.

Depression and a suicide attempt

A loving Partner and a shoulder to cry on would do him very good, because Bruce Darnell has been struggling since Childhood with depression. "As an adult I have other pre -: I’m good, I’m happy, I can’t do it all. I wanted to come up with any clear. But that was all just a facade. At some point I realized: There’s something wrong with me. I had to get up in big trouble, in the morning, and the curtains withdrawn. The sky outside was so dark, the people on the street were gray. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, it was embarrassing. The Depression was a big taboo, I was afraid that others notice me and then condemn and laugh at. Even on the catwalk or in the case of the choreography, I was not happy", so Darnell about his dark moments. His inner demons were so overpowering that Bruce tried even once, to take the life in which he, with 200 things in a construction site peg. Fortunately, he survived, and told them of his illness the fight. After years of therapy, the TV man has now learned to live with the disease . "Today I’ve processed a lot, am stable and self-confident. It is very good to me. I realize that I’m worthless and that I do not need to be ashamed of my illness. Today I am my own man and don’t want to be different ."

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