Chethrin Schulze Is the new “Bachelorette”?

Chethrin Schulze: Is the new "Bachelorette"?

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  • 20.05.2020

This summer Show will be in the TV "The Bachelorette" again handing out roses. Who is this year in the role of the "Bachelorette" slips, is still a secret. Fans suspect that Chethrin Schulze makes on the search for love .

Shortly after the last "The Bachelorette"-Season last year, in the Gerda Lewis, 27, was looking for your Mr. Right, gave the transmitter "RTL" it is known, that in the year 2020 will be re-distributed roses. Who in this year in the role of the "Bachelorette" slips has not yet been announced. Fans now suspect that Reality Star and Influencerin Chethrin Schulze, 27, this year’s Rose distributor of rewards and punishments could be .

Chethrin Schulze: she Is the Bachelorette 2020?

Indication that Chethrin the Bachelorette is, are, among other things, the vacation photos from Mexico, which she published on her Instagram Account. At the beginning of the year, the Influencerin for a long time was there, sold it under their photos as a trip around the world. The country is a popular filming location for production. Also, the last two Bachelors, Sebastian Preuss, 30, and Andrej Mangold, 33, searched the beaches of Mexico to the great love.

"The Bachelorette" Two thousand nineteen

The Beauty of change by Gerda Lewis

Also a photo of the "Celebrity Big Brother"-A participant in a red dress, in the style of the last "The Bachelorette"-Shootings, leading to speculation of Fans. "The new Bachelorette?", a User writes under the photo. "The new Bachelorette? That would be so cool", is another comment.

A post shared by Chethrin 🌸 Schulze (@chethrin_official) on May 2, 2020 at 10:49am PDT

Chethrin Schulze Single ?

But the TV star is to have it at all? After the separation of friend Marco Mirwald last summer at the beginning of the year was rumoured to be about a love Comeback. At the end of April Chethrin a bit of a surprise with a Post with the lines "And one day in your life, suddenly there is someone who listens to you without interrupting" sided. Whether Marco is meant by that? Or an indication that Chethrin in "The Bachelorette" the Right has found ?

At "Love Island" Chethrin 2017 was looking for the big love. You Flirt with Mike Serene, 28, has now, with collaborator Elena Miras, 28, a child, and ended shortly after the Show. Whether Chethrin addiction now really back on TV after love, it will show in July at the latest. Then the new season should "The Bachelorette" broadcast .

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