CNN’s Brian Stelter hammered for covering Sean Spicer’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ downfall over ABC’s Epstein scandal.

CNN’s media reporter doesn’t cover ABC, CBS Epstein story.

Conservative journalist Chadwick Moore weighs in.

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter was blasted for offering breaking coverage of former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s elimination on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” while staying quiet on the growing Jeffrey Epstein scandal that has plagued the Disney-owned network.

Stelter, an outspoken critic of President Trump and frequent defender of the left-leaning media, has been notably silent about the bombshell allegation — made by ABC News anchor Amy Robach in a leaked video — that her network killed her story about convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein three years ago. The controversy expanded after ABC News reportedly worked with CBS News to find the alleged leaker who had recently switched networks. That led to her firing despite her strong denial last week that she leaked the video.

However, this wasn’t the ABC story that Stelter chose to cover. It was Spicer’s defeat on a reality show instead.

After weeks of his votes carrying his low-scored dance routines with the help of President Trump and other prominent supporters, Spicer ultimately was eliminated from ABC’s hit competition series Monday night.

President Trump and other prominent

To the benefit of the general public, Stelter provided extensive, crucial reporting on Spicer’s final bow, including President Trump’s tweets expressing his support for the former White House aide.

“President Trump took the ‘Dancing’ competition seriously, tweeting out support for @SeanSpicer and urging the MAGA universe to cast votes for a man who has remained loyal during a perilous time for the president. But every dance party ends eventually,” Stelter tweeted.

CNN’s so-called media reporter also provided a lengthy report for CNN’s website, something he has yet to do on ABC News’ Epstein scandal.

“Frankly, the surprise is that Spicer lasted this long, in the face of persistently low scores from the judges. It seemed like he received a significant boost, week after week, from Trump supporters who swarmed ABC with votes,” Stelter wrote.

Stelter’s Spicer obsession was widely mocked on social media, with critics saying he considered “Dancing With the Stars” more “newsworthy” than Jeffrey Epstein.

“@brianstelter has officially tweeted more about a dance show than two mainstream networks colluding to fire a female employee for exposing a network anchor revealing her story about a high profile pedophile was spiked,” conservative pundit Stephen Miller reacted, later claiming that Stelter thought tweets about a dance show were “newsworthy” and ABC News spiking a story of a “serial rapist and pedophile” was not.

He thought the dancing Spicer was “the real controversy over at ABC and not, let’s say, them killing a story that would have exposed the world’s worst pedophile. What a clown,” Media Research Center news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro wrote.

CNN has ignored the bombshell on-air and the liberal organization was widely mocked for the way its media newsletter eventually covered the scandal. Stelter, who has penned the newsletter, didn’t mention Project Veritas or O’Keefe by name, blamed right-leaning commenters for using the story to “stoke hatred of the media at large” and even claimed the “most troubling part” was Epstein’s use of powerful attorneys, all while downplaying that an ABC News anchor admitted she was “so pi–ed” that the network killed her story.

Moreover, Stelter did not tackle the subject on his Sunday show “Reliable Sources,” a program purportedly focused on the media.

During the entire week since the video leaked, it was not mentioned once on either CNN or MSNBC. None of the broadcast networks, including NBC News, CBS News or ABC News, addressed the story on their morning or evening telecasts.

Fox News’ Brian Flood contributed to this report.

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