Constantly broke? The 503020Regel helps to put money on the side

With the right saving tactics a small fortune to build

Constantly broke? The 50-30-20 rule helps to put money on the side

15. May 2020 – 7:24 PM

Time for a cashier fall

You can’t make it to save on a regular basis? And large purchases are not only legal in there? Don’t panic, maybe you have not found just the right saving method. Financial experts rely on the so-called 50-30-20 rule. We will explain you how it works and what you need to know, in the long term, a small fortune in a savings account – even if you do not have a big salary .

To share their reward clever

Time for a cash in the fall! To come to the edge, it is important that you use your monthly disposable income, according to a clear System for the creation of wealth. Clearly, there is also discipline and the right tactics (a book of household accounts according to the Kakebo-help concept).

50 per cent of salary for fixed costs reserve

If you have a household account, you should open one. For this account, you set up a standing order, so that 50 per cent of their net earnings to land right there. The money you need for your fixed costs: The rent, the cost of the car and the money for food, Internet, phone and electricity go month-to-month from this account .

30 percent for Lifestyle

In order to experience the fun of Saving is not too short, you can use a third of their income to treat yourself to something. From time to time, a chic piece of clothing or a evening in the Restaurant absolutely are in there. Of course, you don’t have to spend all of it, lay quiet for a holiday or for any other major purchase.

20 percent save

Also for this proportion of their net earnings up to a standing order, in order to create the amount in a money market account. With the time your return grow. You will see an iron (or Golden) Reserve on the account feels really good. In this Video, we show you where families with the red pencil can start to get financially back on their feet .

And that remains the bottom line

In the case of a household or individual income of 2,000 Euro net per month, the following amounts together to come up with the 50-30-20 breakdown:

  • 50 percent for fixed costs – makes 1,000 Euro a month.
  • 30 percent for Gönnung – power 600 Euro.
  • 20 percent for savings account – makes 400 euros a month and 4,800 saved euros per year.

3 tips for saving foxes

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