Corona informers block waiting, or life-saver?

Video: As others react

Corona-informers – block waiting, or life saver?

04. May 2020 – 16:13 Am

To you are the ghosts

Corona has changed the lives of all people, not just for each individually, but also our social life with each other. Often, there are positive properties that are now in particular – a willingness to help, thoughtfulness, kindness. Many people are now particularly careful, pay attention to the fact that others comply with the rules. You control it, exhort others, and do not adhere to the Corona-rules. We have some of the self-proclaimed guardian accompanied. As their commitment to matters in the other, see you in the TV NOW documentary Corona-informers – block waiting, or life saver?

Authorities get a lot of notes

In addition to direct address, there are also regular informers, a vornehmeres word for a tattletale. Nationwide, the authorities received information from the public.

Also in the social networks there are lot of muscle, the – often anonymously – about other exciting and Videos or photos of the violations to the network .

The line between informing and care is narrow. Many people are worried, afraid for your health, is understandable. If you have a bad name because of that other matter. Sure, one should consider well, whether you call the police and the public order office or not. A nice, friendly note might lead to the goal.

TVNOW-documentary: What can we learn from the crisis

The Corona-Virus keeps Germany and the Rest of the world in breath. On TVNOW you can now find the new documentary "What can we learn from the crisis ".

After the successful first part of the documentary "Zero Hour" the authors of the same in the second TVNOW-documentary "Zero hour – race with the Virus" the various measures taken by individual countries around the globe with the current recommendations of researchers from.

You can find more information in our Podcast "We and Corona".

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