DIY wrap gifts sustainably with creative tips

Individually and sustainably

Wrap gifts with creative tips

18. December 2019 – 11:18 PM

From Old to New

Purchased wrapping paper looks pretty, but causes a lot of garbage. Even complicated shapes are easy to pack, even if classic packaging such as paper and foil. We show in the Video, how do you pack with old materials, beautiful gifts, and from the cut remnants can be accessed in just a few pretty bows crafts .

Tips: What can you use anything ?

In the case of parents and grandparents, much is re-used, often for the wrapping paper neatly ironed and gets the next occasion a second appearance.

It works well with materials that have to do with in the first use, nothing to do with gifts. In old Newspapers gifts are a wonderful way to go. Colorful themed pages look also pretty. Not every gift is easy to pack. Round shapes, or even spheres are particularly difficult. Here are more lenient packaging materials, such as thinner papers or materials to help .

  • Sustainable Tip: Instead of gifts in transparent foil "packaging", enough is also a lovely and elaborate loop, because the content the recipient sees anyway.

You want to be even more eco-friendly tips for everyday life? Grandparents are a great source of inspiration when it comes to being sustainable. In our Web video series grandma Rita shows useful tips from the past that make the budget sustainable and easy on the wallet.

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